Mission 5mm HC Split-toe Boot

    Mission 5mm HC Split-toe Boot

    599 kr inkl.mva

    Fantastisk neoprenesko fra NPsurf! Med “fireline” på innsiden og 5mm neoprene så er dette en sko som holder deg god og varm hele året. Split toe og en god konstruksjon sørger for at du får god følelse med brettet og skoen føles behagelig å ha på. Anbefales!




    Mission HC Split

    The all-new Mission bootie range combines unflinching looks with a whole new level of warmth and flexibility. Fireline thermal lining and Tatex seam tape make the boots 20% warmer while Apex-Plus neoprene and the fully redesigned midsole and outsole allow for unparalleled flexibility, support and natural contact with the board. Engineered with windsurfers and kitesurfers in mind, the Mission booties fit footstraps perfectly for full feeling and control of the board.

    Thickness: 5mm

    Split-toe construction with leash blocker

    Bamboo Charcoal inner sole


    Bamboo Charcoal is best known for its inherent antimicrobial and anti-odor properties, but few are aware of the Far Infrared Ray (FIR) reflecting ability of this unique material. The fabric reflects the body’s FIRs back to the wearer, resulting in reduced fatigue, quicker warm-up time and improved regeneration. This natural fiber is woven into our bootie lining.

    Fireline thermo lining


    Fireline is an exclusive, ultra-warm, featherlight and stretchy insulation layer. Consisting of brushed, quick-dry polypropylene lines knitted over jersey, it feels soft and warm to touch. The brushed surface absorbs moisture which is then heated by your body creating a warming greenhouse effect inside the suit.



    All-new silky smooth neoprene with 25% more stretch. Apex-Plus is made from Apex Lite core laminated with a unique, silky outer jersey containing more spandex for flexibility and a soft hand feel. The Apex Lite core is infused with more microscopic air bubbles making it stretchier, warmer and lighter than traditional neoprene.

    Tatex seam tape


    Prevents water from penetrating through seams.


     Glued and Blindstitched (GBS) seams


    An efficient, watertight seam created through a triple gluing process in conjunction with a blind stitch that does not fully penetrate the rubber. The technique allows precise curved seams and facilitates a snug, anatomically correct fit.


    Horizontal Velcro cinches 

    Allowing better security and fit adjustment. The strap is located in the upper-arch / ankle area to avoid interference with foot-straps.

    Heel-hold box


    Giving support to the heel / ankle area and preventing the boot from rolling on the foot.


    N-Grip Soles 


    Neoprene layer for comfort and N-Grip outer sole to give the natural bare-foot feel required for direct contact with the board.

    Kiting i 0 grader vann?


    Ingen problem med denne 5mm skoen fra NP! Hvis du regelmessig kiter i arktiske forhold og eller er en person som fryser lett så kan du også vurdere samme modell i 7mm utgave.


    Velg Størrelse

    37, 38/39, 40, 42/43, 44, 45/46


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